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VIP Airliners sit at the top of the food chain when it comes to luxury private jets. These flying palaces are perfect for group charters for corporations, professional sports teams, royal families and international delegations.  VIP Airliners typically feature a master bedroom with bathroom and shower, and also a private area for both business meetings and entertaining guests.  Popular models of VIP Airliners for charters include Boeing’s BBJ, Embraer’s Lineage 1000, and Airbus’ A319CJ (Corporate Jetliner) to name a few.  


Heavy Jets are optimal for transcontinental and international flights. Heavy-Jets have an average cruising speed of over 530mph with average ranges of 3400 miles (long-range heavy jets are the GV and the Global Express that allow for up to 8000 miles). Some popular heavy jets are the Gulfstream  IV, GV, G650 , Bombardier Challenger series, and Global Express aircrafts. Heavy jets can carry up 12-19 passengers depending upon cabin size and seat configurations.


The Super Mid size jets are considered the upper echelon of mid size jets in terms of cabin space, speed and flight range. Some of the Super Midsize aircraft include: the Citation X, Falcon 2000, Challenger 300, Gulfstream 200 and , Cessna Sovereign.


The Midsize jet aircraft combine the flight distance, speed, and comfort that you expect from a larger private or business jet aircraft. Mid-size business jets can carry up 8 passengers depending upon cabin size and seat configurations.


A light jet is a personal jet, previously known as a micro jet, is a category of small business jets seating four to eight people. This small jet is quickly becoming among the most desired mode of transportation. A light jet can travel long distances at a high speed with low fuel consumption.


We service both business and leisure travel at Mission Accomplished Group, Our experienced team members will help you choose the aircraft that fits your specifications and work with you on every detail from start to finish. We pride ourselves on excellent service and value to create the most elevated experience for you as a traveler and/or buyer.

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